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Hong Jung Hyun Wins A New Star Award

BY Julie Jones | Apr 28, 2015 11:21 AM EDT


Hong Jung Hyun is one of several promising new actors who first attracted attention as a model. So, it's fitting that he was given a "New Star Award" for his acting efforts at the recent 2015 Asia Model Festival. The festival took place on April 24 at Olympic Hall in Olympic Park, Seoul. It was the 10th annual event that honored top models from throughout Asia and models from 15 countries attended.

"I was able to receive the award thanks to many people who loved me and showed interest in me," said Hong Jung Hyun upon receiving the award.

The 25-year-old actor made his debut as a model in 2007. He made his acting debut the next year, appearing in the films "Lovers" and "A Frozen Flower." But he first attracted serious attention when he had a role in the 2011 series "Vampire Idol," co-starring with fellow models-turned-actors Lee Soo Hyuk and Kim Woo Bin. Hong played a socially awkward genius.

"The award is very meaningful to me because it's from a special festival held in Korea," he said. "I will put more effort toward becoming an actor who can show more diverse acting.

He has added a few acting credits since "Vampire Idol." He appeared in such dramas as "Wild Romance," "Jeon Woo Chi," "Dating Agency: Cyrano," "Her Lovely Heels" and "Mama: Nothing To Fear." He paired up with Girls Day's Kim Yura in the reality show "We Got Married." His part in Season 4 of the virtual marriage program earned him a New Star of the Year award at the 2014 MBC Entertainment Awards,

In 2015 he can be seen in two films. "Enemies In-Law" is set to be released on April 29 and "Alice" is currently in post-production.

In "Enemies In-Law," he plays Chul Soo, the son of a family known for its expertise in thievery. Since opposites attract, he falls for a police officer Young Hee, played by Jin Se Yeon. Everyone in her family is a police officer so naturally they do not approve of her boyfriend. He is willing to become a police officer to marry her but neither set of parents is happy about the relationship.

Hong Jung Hyun's ability to wear clothes well has also led to style awards. He was named Best Dressed Model at Korea's Swan Awards in 2011.

Other Korean models that made a smooth transition into acting include Lee Jong Suk, Kim Young Kwang, Lee Min Ho, Song Seung Hoon and So Ji Sub.

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