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4 Film Festivals For Korean Movie Fans

BY Adrienne Stanley | May 08, 2015 12:52 PM EDT


Jeonju International has drawn to a close, ushering in a deluge of prominent summer film festivals. Festival de Cannes or the Cannes International Film Festival is poised to dominate headlines, with 4 movies from Korea generating buzz. Korean movie fans in North America will have the opportunity to attend upcoming events including Fantasia 2015 and the New York Asian Film Festival. Seoul International Women's Film Festival will target moviegoers in Korea who are seeking projects with a feminist focus. Here are 4 upcoming film festivals for Korean movie fans. 

1. Festival de Cannes

Korean movies continue to demonstrate their relevance on the international scene with 4 films screening at the Festival de Cannes (Cannes International Film Festival).

The breakout hit "Coin Locker Girl" is scheduled for four screenings during Cannes. Directed by Han Jun Hee, "Coin Locker Girl" is a film noir which focuses on the tragic tale of Il Young, a baby who is abandoned in a coin locker at Western Seoul train station. Il Young is sold to a woman who is known as Mother, who raises her in an usual way. Il Young is portrayed by emerging actress Kim Go Eun (A Muse, Monster). Veteran actress Kim Hye Soo (The Thieves, The Face Reader) portrays Mother. 

"Madonna," a gripping bioethics film during by Shin Su Won will also screen at Cannes. "The Shameless" and "Office" complete the notable lineup of movies which are screening for the international market.

2. New York Asian Film Festival

The 14th New York Asian Film Festival (NYAFF) has yet to announce its lineup but recently published the dates for 2015. NYAFF is one of the largest Asian film festivals on the east coast and is a preemiment event for Korean movie fans. NYAFF 2015 will be held from June 26 through July 11 at Film Society of Lincoln Center and SVA Theater. 

3. Fantasia 2015 

The 19th Fantasia International Film Festival will be held in Montreal, Canada from July 14 through August 4. The first round announcement of the lineup features dynamic programming including the Canadian premiere of the 2014 film "Big Match." Directed by Choi Ho, "Big Match" stars Lee Jung Jae (The Thieves),  Shin Ha Kyun (Thirst) and K-pop solo vocalist BoA. "Big Match" focuses on a Mixed Martial Arts fighter who is thrust into a deadly match. 

4. Seoul International Women's Film Festival 

Seoul International Women's Film Festival (SIWFF) provides a unique feminist perspective on movies from Korea and the international market. SIWFF will be held in Seoul from May 27 through June 3. The festival features a dynamic lineup including Bae Doona's "A Girl at my Door." 

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