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Byun Yo Han
Ex Girlfriends Club
Song Ji Hyo

What do women see in him, Song Ji Hyo asks of his character in "Ex-Girlfriends Club." It must be something because his manhwa-writing character has at least three ex-girlfriends. And considering how quickly fame came to this rookie actor, audiences really see something in him too. What is it about this actor that has won viewers' hearts?

Here are a few facts you may not know.

1. He has only been working as an actor since 2011 but he got a head start in school, appearing in 30 short films when he attended Korea National University of the Arts. His first role with a name in a full-length film was playing Park Ji Hoon in the film "Norigae." It was his role in the cable hit drama "Misaeng" that attracted national attention. His role in the film "Socialphobia" sealed the deal.

2. Despite the ease with which Byun now stands before the camera, he used to stutter.

"I used to be in introvert when I was young and often stuttered when I spoke," he said during an interview with KoBiz, a publication of the Korean Film Council. "It really had an impact on me, but during middle school, my teacher who used to be a theater actor persuaded me to go on stage and that's when my stuttering stopped. Since then I found joy in acting and becoming an actor turned into a dream."

3. But he would stil describe himself as shy. When he was on the set of "Misaeng," he said actor Lee Sung Min really helped him cope with his shyness.

"He said that I was quite similar to who he was in his 20's, starting with the fact that I'm very shy," Byun said in an interview with Singles magazine. That's why I really felt a lot of affection toward him. He made sure to start discussions even more often with the shy hoobaes. Especially in the scene where we're at the hotel and work together on a project, the dialogues were long and filled with detailed numbers. He directly gave me his comments. Thanks to him, I gained courage and I was able to be more daring in my acting."

4. Byun's father was against him becoming an actor. To talk Byun out of it, his father proposed a year studying abroad and insisted he enlist for his mandatory military duty. That diversion only made Byun want to act more.

"Now that I think about it, studying abroad and going to the army allowed me to prepare more comfortably to be an actor," Byun said in an interview with enewsworld. Byun's father may have changed his mind about his son's career after Byun won an Independent Movie Star Award for his role in the film "Socialphobia."

5. Byun is close to EXO's Su Ho. The friends have helped each other get through hard times. So Ho watches and comments on Byun's acting. Byun listens to and comments on EXO's new music.

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