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Promising Preview Of 'The Producers' Highlights Characters

BY Julie Jones | May 14, 2015 08:31 AM EDT


“The Producers” sounded good the minute they finished lining up the cast. But now the drama, which starts May 15, has released a promising preview with seven minutes of fun highlights. That preview provides a chance to see how each character shapes up and given their last performances, it might be different from what viewers expected.

It’s no surprise that Gong Hyo Jin is a versatile and surprising actress, but she does tend to play likable roles. She’s not all that likable at the beginning of “The Producers.” Her character veteran producer Tak Ye Jin is not as nice as the psychiatrist she played in “It’s Okay That’s Love” and even further from the tortured girl-who-sees-ghosts that she played in “The Master’s Sun.”

Although Gong has some teary moments in this preview, her character is sophisticated, tough, and a little condescending.

Kim Soo Hyun is quite different from his “You Who Came From Another Star” role where he played the cool mysterious alien. He not only has to get through his workday without any super powers. The character Baek Seung Chan is a clueless rookie with no practical skills. As a producer-in-training he works hard to please and is embarrassed by the inevitable mistakes he makes. He spends a lot of time saying he is sorry. But he can’t quite say it enough. He gets yelled at and even slapped.

Cha Tae Hyun is funny in the preview but then he has played funny roles before. He’s best known for his role in the comedy film “My Sassy Girl.” His last role was playing the confident wizard Jeon Woo Chi disguised as a wimpy reporter, in the drama “Jeon Woo Chi.” In “The Producers” he relies more on charm and persuasion. He plays a seasoned producer-director Ra Joon Mo, who must deal with his demanding bosses and at the same time please some reluctant guests. He wants to produce something that will serve as his legacy.

IU is transformed in “The Producers.” As the glamorous k-pop princess Cindy, she looks quite different from the character she played in “Pretty Man.” In that previous drama, her character Kim Bo Tong would do anything to help Jang Geun Suk’s character succeed. She has a quirky style that could never be described as sexy. In “The Producers” she is so cool that fans would do anything to be near her and so stylish that others emulate her.

Take a look at the preview, which unfortunately, does not yet have subtitles and tell us what you think.

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