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Does Ga In Care About Joo Ji Hoon’s Intimate Film Scenes?

BY Julie Jones | May 18, 2015 01:29 PM EDT


One down side to dating an actor is that you must see them kiss other attractive actors in dramas and films. And some scenes in k-movies can get pretty intimate. A few actors say they can't even look if their significant other is kissing another star on screen, while others could care less about onscreen nudity and intimate scenes.

Brown Eyed Girls singer Ga In, the girlfriend of actor Joo Ji Hoon, apparently falls into the latter category. In an interview with the Korean media outlet Newsen, the actor confessed that his girlfriend was pretty cool about the nudity and bed scenes in his latest movie "The Treacherous."

"There wasn't much of a reaction," he said when asked how she felt about his bed scenes.

"Ga In is already 29 years old," he said. "It's not like she doesn't understand about such things."

Not only does she understand, she is no stranger to filming intimate scenes. When Joo Ji Hoon appeared on Ga In's 2014 "Fxxx U" music video, some fans were shocked by how explicit it was. They appeared together in a shower and engaged in plenty of physical contact. It was his first music video cameo appearance and his presence in the video caused relationship rumors.

In response to those rumors, his agency said that the two were just friends before the video but they did become a couple after shooting the suggestive scenes.

Ga In and Joo Ji Hoon have been dating for about a year, but during the interview he said that they don't actually talk about work all that much.

"I'm an actor. Ga In is a singer," he said. "We don't talk to each other about our job."

Nor do they give each other advice.

"Because our areas of work are different, there's no need for advice. We both have our own dreams and are working hard."

Joo Ji Hoon, who is known for his roles in "Princess Hours" and "Antique Bakery," plays the leading role of Soong Jae in "The Treacherous." His character is initially loyal to the eccentric King Yeon San and one of his duties is to gather 10,000 beautiful women from around the country. With so much tempting beauty surrounding him, it's easy to imagine how his character will become disloyal. Lim Ji Yeon plays Dan Hee, one of those beauties.

The film premieres on May 21.

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