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Park Seo Joon Talks About His Role In 'Chronicles Of Evil'

BY Julie Jones | May 20, 2015 10:32 AM EDT


Park Seo Joon's film "Chronicles of Evil" is a box office success in Korea. According to the entertainment news outlet Variety, the crime drama beat the film "Avengers: Age of Ultron." "Chronicles of Evil" earned $6.33 million from 853,000 admissions between its May 14 opening day and May 17.

It's the first box office hit for Park, who was last seen playing Hwang Jung Eum's twin in "Kill Me, Heal Me."

Although Park has acted for four years, landing roles in "Dream High 2" and "I Summon You Gold," his breakthrough role may have been the noona romance "A Witch's Love," which he co-starred in with Uhm Jung Hwa."

"Chronicles of Evil" is the story of a decorated homicide detective Choi Chang Sik, who kills someone in self-defense after celebrating his upcoming promotion. He hides the body because reporting the crime would affect his career. But someone must have seen him because the body shows up at the police station. Son Hyun Joo plays Detective Choi Chang Sik. Park plays rookie detective Cha Dong Jae. His rookie detective character is suspicious of Choi after he discovers attempts to misdirect the investigation. But it is not easy to suspect a man who is so well respected.

The film also stars Ma Dong Suk and Choi Daniel.

In an interview with Star News, the film's director said he never heard of Park Seo Joon before a colleague suggested auditioning him. Now he knows that Park Seo Joon will be an international star.

In the interview with Star News, Park Seo Joon expressed his initial concern in acting in a film without any romance.

His last two roles included comic and romantic scenes, even though in "Kill Me, Heal Me," the romantic scenes took place with Ji Sung's alternate personality, the teen girl Yona.

"Romance easily affects anyone who watches it," Park said in the Star News interview. "For example, holding hands and even hugging is taken at a full shot. I wondered what I could do in a movie that has no romance at all. It was different but something new and fresh at the same time."

In a May 6 interview with Asia Today, he said he was eager to try different kinds of roles.

"There are not many movie projects available for actors of my age. I thought the character would provide me many opportunities as an actor. I'm not sure how viewers will take it."

So far, the box office response has been positive.

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