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Kim Woo Bin Transforms Into An Action Star For Powerade

BY Adrienne Stanley | May 28, 2015 11:07 AM EDT


Kim Woo Bin took his acting to new heights in the latest commercial from Powerade. On May 26, Coca-Cola Korea released the highly anticipated ad which depicts the Hallyu star in scenes where he is an action hero.In the commercial, the "Twenty" star is suspended on a tether before he appears to dive off a high rise.

The concept of the ad is Kim Woo Bin as a power icon, who is able to replace those who are not as powerful.This is emphasized with his concluding statement. "No one can take the place of my power," said Kim. 

A representative for Coca-Cola Korea spoke positively about his participation in the ad campaign, in a statement provided to Newsen. "Kim Woo Bin is an exclusive power icon, who did well in representing Powerade, through the high wire concept," said the representative. 

Kim debuted as a model in 2009, before successfully launching his acting career in 2011. His breakout role was in the teen drama, "School 2013," where he appeared alongside model-turned-actor, Lee Jong Suk. "School 2013" highlighted his potential to star in K-Dramas which featured strong bromances and complex plot. However, ability to serve as a leading man was fully established by his performance as the tortured chaebol Choi Young Do, in "The Heirs." 

His appeal as a pan-Asian idol led to a starring role in the 2013 film, "Friend: The Great Legacy." The movie  succinctly captured his emotional range, leading to his role in "The Technicians." While his role in "Friend" required melodramatic depth, his portrayal of Ji Hyuk in "The Technicians" showcased his potential as an action film star. 

In 2015, Kim Woo Bin demonstrated comedic timing with the hit coming-of-age film, "Twenty." 

While his next acting role has yet to be announced, fans will have the opportunity to see him during a May 30 event for the Italian luxury good company, Bottega Verde. 

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