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Park Shin Hye First Female Actress to Tour Asia

BY Staff Reporter | Mar 15, 2013 10:30 AM EDT


Actress Park Shin Hye will start her Asia tour soon to celebrate 10 years of career.

The Hallyu actress that has gathered many fans throughout Asia with her different roles, in successful dramas, will start her Asia tour on May 16th, when she visit The Philippine.

Her agency S.A.L.T Entertainment stated, “To celebrate her 10th anniversary as an actress, Park Shin Hye will hold the '2013 PARK SHIN HYE ASIA TOUR: KISS OF ANGEL' and will tour all Asia.”

Once she is done with Manila on the 16th, the actress will head to Japan, where she will meet her fans on the 24th in Tokyo. She then will go to Beijing and Shanghai, in June. More dates and countries should be announced soon.

She is expected to meet a total of 10,000 of her loyal fans.

Park Shin Hye debuted in the drama "Stairway To Heaven" which is one of the most famous drama in Korea and internationally. She played the younger version of Han Jung Suh (played by Choi Ji Woo). She proved herself once more in the drama "You're Beautiful" that skyrocketed her fame as "You're Beautiful" became a phenomenon with teenagers, not only in Korea but around Asia. She then went on to “Heartstrings” which was popular overseas.

The actress recently appear in “Flower Boy Next Door” with Yoon Si Yoon and again captivated fans with her improved acting skills and natural beauty.

But Park Shin Hye is not only known as an actress, but also as a singer. She contributed with the OST of her dramas "You're Beautiful," "Heartstrings," "Flower Boy Next Door" and the movie "Cyrano Agency."

Meanwhile, she have been cast to appear next to Yoon Kye Sang, in the short film “ Love's Rock, Paper, Scissors.”

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