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'The Time I Loved You, 7,000 Days' Accused Of Plagiarism

BY Julie Jones | Jun 10, 2015 11:50 AM EDT


The upcoming drama “The Time I Loved You, 7,000 Days” released its first teaser trailer, only to have to take it down again after the production company was accused of plagiarism.
The opening scenes of the comic teaser featured Lee Jin Wook and Ha Ji Won in a split screen, walking out of separate doors. Something bumps Lee Jin Wook on the head but the day is bright and promising for Ha Ji Won. It was a funny teaser trailer but the opening had some strong similarities with the animated film “Jinxy Jenkins & Lucky Lou,” created by Michael Bidinger and Michelle Kwon at the Ringling College of Art and Design.
The animated short, less than four minutes in total, also starts out with a split screen. The male character Jinxy Jenkins opens his front door and is hit on the head. It’s raining, because he is jinxed and unlucky. His luck is so bad that he just wants to keep to himself lest he inflict it on someone else. The female character Lucky Lou opens the door to a sunny day. She’s so lucky that her life might be a little predictable. These animated characters were meant for each other.
The production company for “The Time I Loved You, 7,000 Days” said that they were under the impression that copyright issues had been resolved with the animators, but as they had not, the trailer for the romantic comedy has been removed from circulation.
The plagiarism charges only apply to the trailer, not the drama story. “The Time I Loved You, 7,000 Days” is an authorized adaptation of a previous drama made in Taiwan. The storyline features two best friends who never seem to find the right person to love, when in fact they are perfect for each other. The original was titled “In Time With You” and starred Ariel Lin and Chen Bolin.
Although the trailer has been removed from the air, viewers won’t have to wait long to see the weekend drama it was promoting. It airs on June 27.
Besides Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook, the drama also stars Jo Soo Won, who played Lee Jong Suk’s brother in “Pinocchio,” Tplus Yoon Gyun Sang, Jin Kyung, Lee Joo Seung and Choo Soo Hyun. Infinite’s L is due to make a cameo appearance.
Even though it created problems for the drama, the animated feature is fun. Check it out below. If you saw the drama trailer, what do you think? Too similar? Just a coincidence? Or do you not really care and just want this drama to hurry up and air so you can see Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook?

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