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Park Bo Young Will Wait For Yeo Jin Goo

BY Julie Jones | Jun 11, 2015 10:19 AM EDT


Yeo Jin Goo is only 17 but actress Park Bo Young is willing to wait for him to grow up.

When the Korean media outlet News N recently interviewed the actress in conjunction with her upcoming film "The Silenced," she mentioned the young actor who is currently starring in the vampire drama "Orange Marmalade."

She was asked which actor she would like to work with and chose Yeo Jin Goo. But the 25-year-old actress admitted it might take a while. And if they were to co-star in a romance it would have to be a noona romance.

"He's only in eleventh grade," she said.

But that does not keep her from getting jealous now.

"He's only got a few months until he's grown up, but I am worried. There are so many rivals. I have to make ensure that I make things work with Yeo Jin Goo."

When it comes to rivals she might be talking about Yeo Jin Goo's co-star Kim Seol Hyun. The 20-year-old actress plays his vampire girlfriend in "Orange Marmalade." Her character has already kissed his character's neck, drawn by the sweet scent of his blood. The two characters continue to get closer.

"Everyone calls him 'oppa.' He's too young for me to think about fooling around with him even if he turns 20. Can an underage actor even participate in a kissing scene? It made me angry to see him kiss someone when he's not even of age."

The actress previously expressed her desire to co-star with him at the 35th Blue Dragon Awards. But she may have to get in line. She is not the only older actress to have requested him as a potential co-star. Yeo Jin Goo attributed the interest of older actresses to the fact that he looks old for his age.

"Up until now I looked old for my age," he said at the Blue Dragon awards ceremony. "At least now the noonas know my age but in the past many of them took me for an adult."

Park Bo Young's upcoming film "The Silenced" is a thriller about girls who disappear from a boarding school during the 1938 Japanese invasion. The film will be released on June 18. This year Park Bo Young will also star in the drama "Oh My Ghostess," playing the role of Na Bong Sun.

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