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Goddess of Fire Portrays The Life Of Prized Female Potter

BY Joan MacDonald | Mar 27, 2013 11:51 AM EDT


Although casting issues have not yet been resolved in the new historical drama “Goddess of Fire Jeongi,” the story promises an interesting look at the life of a famous female potter enslaved during the 16th century Japanese invasion.

Moon Geun Young is said to have accepted the role in this historical drama.

The drama will follow the story of real-life 16th century historical and cultural figure, Baek Pa Sun, the first female ceramic artist in Joseon times. The artist’s glazing skills were so prized, she was appointed as a china maker for the royal family. But her fame also resulted in her becoming a prize for Japanese invaders. She became one of many Korean artisans who were captured during the Japanese invasion in 1592.

She was enslaved under Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s order to enrich Japanese arts and culture. Forcibly removed to Japan with her fellow artisans, she helped create many new types of pottery that would be claimed as Japanese works of art. The 32-episode drama will follow the twists and turns in her fascinating life story.

This would be the second historical drama for Moon Geun Young, who earned praise for her previous performance as the cross-dressing painter in “Painter of the Wind.” Her most recent appearance was that of the social climbing designer in “Cheomdamdong Alice.”

Casting is not final but two other actors have been named as possible male leads. It was rumored that actor Ji Chang Wook was a shoe-in for the role but his agency has denied those rumors, saying he has not even seen the script. The actor previously appeared in the historical drama “Warrior Baek Dong Soo,” penned by this drama’s screenwriter Kwon Soon Gyoo. One rumor claimed that the screenwriter requested him as the male lead because he enjoyed working with him on “Warrior Baek Dong Soo.”

Another rumor said that Kim Jaejoong of JYJ would play the lead or second lead, which the script requires to be Japanese. If fluency in Japanese is an important factor in the casting decision, Jaejoong would have one advantage as since he speaks Japanese fluently. Jaejoong has already appeared in one historical drama, “Dr. Jin.” The MBC drama has been described as reminiscent of the historical saga “Dae Jang Geun,” about an orphaned female cook who becomes the king’s first female physician.

Park Seong Soo, who directed “Dr. Kkang” in 2006 and “Beating Heart” in 2005 will direct the series.

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