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Are You Addicted To Kdramas? Good!

BY Joan MacDonald | Mar 27, 2013 05:02 PM EDT


When is being addicted a good thing? When you are addicted to kdramas, of course. According to the dictionary, addiction can be define as being dependent on a behavior so kdrama watching may qualify.

Drama fans sometimes describe the first drama they see as the "gateway drama." It's the show that whets your appetite for more and be warned, it is possible to get addicted watching just one episode. But that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Here's a quiz to help you decide if you are a kdrama addict or in danger of becoming one. Score 10 points for each yes answer:

Yes or No

  1. You have seen more than 10 dramas.
  2. You have seen more than one drama more than once.
  3. You've engaged in a marathon in which you watch multiple episodes in a row.
  4. You wake up early to catch another episode before you go to work or school. Or conversely you stay up late on a work or school night just to catch up.
  5. You grow impatient waiting for the dramas to be translated.
  6. You have started to learn Korean.
  7. You are hungry for Korean food.
  8. You can recognize Korean actors. Wait, wasn't that guy Geum Jan Di's father in "Boys Over Flowers" and the reporter in "You're Beautiful?"
  9. You become a k-crack dealer and start turning your friends on to the dramas. Or at least you try to.
  10. You can predict the clichés. Wait, he is going to let her go and then grab her wrist. I love it when they do that.
  11. You download the soundtracks and branch into kpop.
  12. You find you are watching less American TV, much less American TV, so there's time for more kdramas.

You are probably in trouble if you score more than 40. And, I realize that if you answer yes to every question you will achieve a score higher than 100 but that just shows how over-the-top love for kdramas can be.

Unlike other addictions, as long as it does not interfere (too much) with school or work, it's a relatively harmless one. As long as you don't expect people to grab your wrist after they let you go, you'll be fine. And if your life doesn't turn out to be like a kdrama, you can always watch another one.

I knew I had crossed some kind of line when I was watching "I Miss You" and telling Park Yoo Chun's character that he shouldn't cry (sniff-sniff) and I was doing it in broken pathetic Korean. Had to laugh at myself but fellow Kdrama addicts did not find it at all ridiculous.

How did you do on that test? Do you have a gateway drama? If so, let us know.

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