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'Mask' Yoo In Young Realizes Soo Ae's Fake Identity

BY Christine Han | Jul 02, 2015 07:00 PM EDT

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In "Mask" Yoo In Young caught on and recognized Soo Ae's identity.  "Mask" is a drama about a woman who lives with another person's identity and hides herself.

On the SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama "Mask" broadcast on July 2nd, Mi Yeon (played by Yoo In Young) was suspicious of Ji Sook (played by Soo Ae).  With that, she knew that Soo Ae had a different identity.  Mi Yeon had been on the way to the department store.  She saw that there was a document with Byun Ji Sook's picture.  With that, she knew that Byun Ji Sook had already died and went over to her house.

Mi Yeon was extremely surprised to see that Ji Hyuk (played by Hoya) was working in a fast food restaurant.  Mi Yeon said, "What are you doing here?"  With that, she was incredibly upset that she didn't know it was Suh Eun Ha's birthday.

Ji Hyun said, "What is it that you want to say?  Don't ever come back."  Mi Yeon realized for the first time that the the person living as Suh Eun Ah could actually be Byun Ji Sook.  Therefore, Mi Yeon said, "Who is Byun Ji Sook?  That's your older sister, right?"  At this, Ji Hyuk said that it really was his older brother and asked that he would no longer come.

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