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"That Winter, The Wind Blows" Kim Tae Woo, The Guardian Angel "How Different from Original?"

BY Staff Reporter | Mar 31, 2013 03:01 AM EDT


"That Winter, The Wind Blows" Kim Tae Woo exited with a tragic but powerful ending that left a lingering image of him that will last until the end of the drama.

In the 15th episode of the SBS drama "That Winter, The Wind Blows", actor Kim Tae Woo drew attention for his final scene in the drama that made everybody emotional.

During this episode, a new truth about Jo Moo Cheol's (Kim Tae Woo) relationship with Oh Soo (Jo In Sung) and Park Jin Sung (Kim Beom) was revealed and shocked the viewers. The man who had been threatening to kill Oh Soo since the very beginning of the drama turned out to be his guardian angel who has been watching over him.

Jo Moo Cheol had been living a lonely life. He is even described as somebody who does things without letting anybody know. In the drama, Jo Moo Cheol tries to say a meaningful goodbye to Oh Soo but he is cut of short by Oh Soo who is rushing to save Oh Young (Song Hye Kyo). After a rushed goodbye, Jo Moo Cheol gets stabbed by Mr. Kim's men. Even after Jo Moo Cheol was diagnosed with cancer, his fate did not let him live the short amount of time he had left. The flawless portrayal of the actor Kim Tae Woo left a lingering image of his character that refuses to leave our minds.

What drew attention is the significance of Jo Moo Cheol's role, which is different from the original story. In the original story, Jo Moo Cheol did not love Moon Hee Joo. Writer Noh Hui Kyung decided to involve Jo Moo Cheol in Oh Soo and Moon Hee Joo's love story that ended in a tragedy, in order to make it seem reasonable for Jo Moo Cheol to be chasing Oh Soo.

In the original story, Jo Moo Cheol and Oh Soo fight over money and time from the beginning until the end. A woman is never involved in their relationship. Also, Jo Moo Cheol's death was originally a result of his illness. After he is diagnosed with a terminal illness and is chased by a time bomb, Jo Moo Cheol begins to support Oh Soo on his chase for love. The story does not differ very much except the way Jo Moo Cheol exits.

A representative of Kim Tae Woo's entertainment agency revealed, "In order to create a sharp image for his character, he started a diet by exercising and controlling his meals before they began to film. He felt that he needed to lose weight in order to portray his character who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness" and "He was trying very hard to stay away from a general cookie cutter image."

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