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Song Seung Hoon Might Be The Perfect Husband, Says Uhm Jung Hwa

BY Julie Jones | Jul 14, 2015 09:08 AM EDT


Actress Uhm Jung Hwa thinks that Song Seung Hoon would make a perfect husband, which was perhaps already obvious to many of his fans. She is basing her opinion on having spent a lot of time on a film set with him.

When she attended the press conference for their new film, "Miss Wife" aka "Wonderful Nightmare," she had nothing but praise for her co-star's ability and kindness.

The film was originally titled "Wonderful Nightmare" because it is the story of a woman who wakes up in another body and with another life. She was a successful lawyer and then dies. But since heaven made a mistake and took her too soon, she gets a second chance at life. She gets to wake up in bed next to her Song Seung Hoon. She discovers that she is now a housewife named Yeon Woo raising a six-year-old and a difficult teen. She's not used to being married or doing housework. And her husband still loves her but can't figure out why she is acting so strangely. It might be a nightmare for both of them, but in the end, being Yeon Woo has a lot of benefits. It turns out to be more fun than being a successful career woman.

Uhm Jung Hwa agreed that Yeon Woo's life had a lot to offer and said she would prefer being Song Seung Hoon's wife.

"Instead of being a successful lawyer, I would want to live with a husband as handsome as this," she said.

The role was something new for Song, who had never played a role so close to his real life.  Uhm praised him for working so hard at it and at a previous press conference said he looked very cool playing the role. But then it was not much of a stretch. He's kind and considerate, she said.

"Song Seung Hoon is an extremely caring man," she said. "We filmed a hand-holding scene on a cold day, and after first warming his hands with a hot pack, he then held my hand. It was the first time in my life being treated like that. Song Seung Hun really scores100 out of 100 in terms of husband material."

Song Seung Hoon's last film was "Obsessed" and he also appears in the Chinese film "The Third Love." His last drama was "When A Man Loves" in 2013.

Uhm Jung Hwa was last seen in the drama "Witch's Romance." Her last film was "Venus Talk."

"Miss Wife" will open August.

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