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'Mask' Soo Ae Asking Yeon Jung Hoon To Launder Identtiy

BY Christine Han | Jul 23, 2015 09:48 PM EDT

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In "Mask" Soo Ae asked Yeon Jung Hoon to make a fake death.

On the SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama "Mask" broadcast on July 23rd, Ji Sook (played by Soo Ae) was in shock.  She had learned that Suk Hoon (played by Yeon Jung Hoon) was related to his mother's death.  After Mi Yeon (played by Yoo In Young) came over, Ji Sook learned that Ji Hyuk had peanut allergies.  Because of this, he learned that Ji Sook's mother could not receive a liver transplant.

Ji Sook went over to Suk Hoon.  He said, "Please kill me.  Just like you killed Ji Sook, please end my life as Eun Ha's.  Because of you, I can't live like Ji Sook and because of my brother, I can't live like Eun Ha."

At this, Suk Hoon asked again and again, "Do you mean that you want to launder my identity?"  Ji Sook said, "I'm going to write you a will where my shares will be given to you.  Please let me leave alone quietly." Ji Sook said that he'll do as she wants.

Meanwhile, "Mask" is about a woman named Ji Sook who lives the life of a woman that has the same face.

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