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'Mask' Yoo In Young Confesses About Killing Yang Mi Kyung

BY Christine Han | Jul 23, 2015 09:51 PM EDT

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In "Mask" Yoo In Young told Yeon Jung Hoon that she had been guilty of committing these grave crimes and evil deeds.

On the SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama "Mask" broadcast on July 23rd, Mi Yeon (played by Yoo In Young) made a tough confession to her husband Suk Hoon (played by Yeon Jung Hoon).  She was talking about her evil deeds and had a tough time settling with her conscience.

Mi Yeon was in a guilty state of mind as Ji Sook's mom had died after getting her surgery being interrupted.  At this, she was drinking and was in pain.  Nonetheless, Suk Hoon was suspicious because there was no reason that she would be this way.

Mi Yeon said, "Suk Hoon, did you feel badly when you were in pain?  I think I'm dying of the pain of guilt."  With that, she had a tough time settling with her conscience.

At this, she said, "I just wanted to interfere with the surgery.  I didn't think this would get this far.  It was an accident.  Even if it wasn't me, she would've died in any case."

Meanwhile, "Mask" is about a woman named Ji Sook who lives the life of a woman that has the same face.  This is a thriller and romantic comedy mixed in one.

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