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Six K-Dramas That Feature Writers As Leading Characters

BY Julie Jones | Jul 24, 2015 09:38 AM EDT


There would be no k-dramas without the fun scripts that k-drama writers create. They deserve applause for delivering hours of entertaining fun. And occasionally k-dramas also include characters that write for a living or dream of becoming writers, even k-drama writers.

Here are six dramas that feature writers as leading characters. Some of them start out as successful but others only achieve success after they resolve their drama struggles.

1.     Kim Sa Rang may the latest writer character. Her character was ghostwriting Joo Jin Mo's love story in "My Love Eun Dong," when she realized that she was Eun Dong the woman he was searching for. A car accident had wiped out her memory. By the end of the drama she gets her memory back and a chance to use her talents as, of all things, a drama writer.

2.     Park Seo Joon was a famous novelist in "Kill Me, Heal Me." He carefully protected his identity so he that fans would not besiege him. He even sometime praised himself anonymously. But he also shamelessly used details of his sister's private life to create compelling novels.

3.     Jo In Sung played a best-selling mystery novelist and radio disc jockey in "It's Okay, That's Love." His character may have achieved success as a writer but his personal life was a mess owing to some troubling delusions and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Fortunately, he falls in love with a psychiatrist, played by Gong Hyo Jin, who helps him cope with his personal problems.

4.     Song Hye Kyo is a sweet but somewhat naïve character in "Full House." The aspiring screenwriter loses her home to a famous actor, played by Rain. And while this causes all sorts of complications in her living situation, it does ultimately lead to the realization of her dream, becoming a successful writer. And living with Rain is not all bad, as you might imagine.

5.     Jung Ryeo Won is a rookie writer in "The King of Dramas," which is a drama about writing dramas. To accomplish her dreams of writing dramas, she must work with the CEO of a production company, played by Kim Myung Min, and the self-absorbed but attractive star, played by Choi Siwon.

6.     Byun Yo Han was a webtoon writer in "Ex Girlfriends Club." He had the good luck to have his webtoon turned into a film. But since it was about his ex-girlfriends, he had the bad luck to have to deal with them as a result of the film deal.

Can you think of any more k-drama characters that are writers? If you can, let us know.

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