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Taecyeon Fell In Love With Night Before Wedding Role

BY Joan MacDonald | Apr 16, 2013 10:49 AM EDT


Despite his busy schedule performing with the band  2PM, singer and actor Ok Taecyeon has agreed to take his first film role in "Night Before Wedding."

Why add to his already busy schedule? Taecyeon says it's because he fell in love-with the character he was asked to play in the film.

In the romantic comedy, four couples are overcome by doubts and pre-wedding jitters.

Taecyeon plays a Won Cheol, a chef, engaged to a nail artist, So Mi, played by Lee Yeon Hee, who appeared in the drama "Phantom," and most recently as Choi Kang Hee's mother in "Gu Family Book." So Mi gets involved with web comic artist Kyung Soo, played by Joo Ji Hoon, who played the prince in "Princess Hours." Suddenly she is not really sure that she wants to get married. As of yet, there is no information about the character of Won Cheol to indicate why the role was so appealing.

Taecyeon says he was also attracted to the film because it has a great cast. Kim Kang Woo, who appeared in "The Taste of Money", "Le Grand Chef" and "The Gifted Hands", plays Tae Kyu, an ex professional baseball player. Kim Hyo Jin plays his girlfriend Joo Young, a urologist. Kim played Seo Joon in "Mary Stayed Out All Night."

Ma Dong Suk, who appeared in films such as "The Neighbour", "Nameless Gangster" plays Gun Ho, a middle-aged flower shop owner. Gun Ho falls in love with a woman from Uzbekistan. Lee Hee Joon, who appeared in the KBS drama "My Husband Got a Family", will play Dae Bok, a urology section chief.

Hong Ji Yong, who won praise for her unconventional romantic film, "The Naked Kitchen," will direct.

While this is Taecyeon's first film role, he has acted in dramas, including playing Han Jung Woo in "Cinderella's Sister" and Jin Gook in "Dream High."

Taecyeon's career has taken some interesting turns over the years.

Although he was born in Busan, Korea, he immigrated with his family to Bedford, Massachusetts. He would have settled there if his sister had not insisted he participate in a JYP Entertainment audition in New York City. He was chosen for the final 35 and got called to go to Korea for the final competition.

 He is the main rapper for 2PM, writing and composing rap lyrics, but has also pursued a solo singing career. Because he speaks English, Korean and Japanese fluently, he can compose lyrics in three languages.

Fans are looking forward to seeing what he can do on the big screen.

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