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Julia Roberts, Danny Moder's Therapy Not Working? Couple Heading To Divorce?

BY Joe Bacaron | Jul 31, 2015 11:55 PM EDT


Julia Roberts and Danny Moder are reportedly on the brink of a $225-million divorce after 13 years of marriage as the multiple visits to couple's therapy sessions apparently didn't work.

According to OK! magazine, the "Notting Hill" star has quite a temper and has contributed to the divorce.

"It kills Danny to think about how all the arguing has been affecting their kids. Things have gotten bad enough that he thinks the kids would be better off if he and Julia split," the source alleged. "This is the last thing Julia wants."

The couple met on the set of the 2001 movie with Brad Pitt, "The Mexican." They have three children together, Hazel, Phinnaeus and Henry.

The tabloid went on to add that Julia Roberts and Danny Moder are headed for divorce because the cameraman felt subjugated.

The source added, "Danny just doesn't feel like they have a true partnership. It's been her way or the highway" and "he's had enough."

To her credit, Julia Roberts went through couple's therapy session with Danny Moder to try to save their marriage for the sake of the kids. But her anger reportedly got the better of her.

"Julia's used therapy as an opportunity to vent all her anger and frustrations," the source claimed, adding that Danny Moder has also been "snapping" at his actress wife and "shouting at her out of frustration."

Shouting and snapping are not his style which allegedly made Julia Roberts realize that their marriage is much worse than she first thought.

Hollywood Life commented, "Even though it's Danny who wants to bail on the marriage, Julia might end up having to fork over a good chunk of her $225 million dollar fortune!" in the divorce.

Allegedly, Julia Roberts and Danny Moder already listed two of their homes in West Village and Hawaii the market in preparation for the huge divorce settlement.

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