Mariah Carey Update: Weight Loss Diet Wouldn't Work, Opts For Gastric Bypass Surgery?

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Many have noticed that Mariah Carey has been gaining weight lately.

Some say the "love pounds" are purportedly caused by her, along with billionaire boyfriend James Packer, enjoying pricey meals and over-the-top drinks a little too much.

It has been previously reported that the "My All" singer has given her all to a weight loss regimen called the "purple diet." Mariah Carey has reportedly emploted the "purple diet" last year to shed her post-baby pounds.

"The purple diet, which advocates eating only lilac foods, is the hottest foodie trend in the U.S and is making its way to British shores in time for summer," Daily Mail reported.

"And it really is as simple as it sounds; you can eat as much purple-coloured food - such as purple potatoes, lilac cauliflower and magenta carrots - as you wish."

Has Mariah Carey grown tired of sticking to her weight loss diet and waiting for "One Sweet Day," when the pounds would finally come off?

According to rumors, Mariah Carey has purportedly given up on her weight loss diet and resorted to undergoing a gastric bypass surgery.

But what does James Packer have to say about his girlfriend going under the knife for weight loss? According to rumors, the billionaire doesn't mind and is even allegedly willing to pay for Mariah Carey's gastric bypass surgery.

"Mariah's boyfriend James actually underwent the weight-loss surgery a few years ago - and he swears by its success rate," Celeb Dirty Laundry reported.

"The wealthy billionaire actually is the person who convinced Mariah to undergo the surgery, and has even offered to pay for it and help nurse her back to health afterwards."

Mariah Carey purportedly thinks that a surgery might be her best bet in losing the extra pounds and keeping them away for good.

"Despite what she has been trying to portray with Spanx and Photoshop, the singer's size has been steadily increasing over the years," Star Magazine reported.

"And it was her billionaire boyfriend who put the idea in her ear since he himself lost more than 75 pounds from the procedure in 2011. James said that the surgery hasn't been a cure-all, but it has definitely helped keep his weight from spiraling out of control."

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