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The Cast Is Having Fun On The 'She Was Pretty' Set

BY Julie Jones | Aug 11, 2015 11:52 AM EDT


Script readings are underway for MBC's upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama, "She Was Pretty," also known as "She Was Beautiful."

According to the Korean media outlet TV Report, the actors are all getting along well and the mood on set seems to be a good one. Super Junior's Choi Si Won was so playful on set during the August 10 script reading that he made people laugh. But he got serious when reading the lines written for his character, fashion editor Kim Shin Hyuk.

"Although this is the first time for me to meet the actors, I felt comfortable knowing that we could interact as if we had known each other for a long time," said Choi.

Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon, the drama's lead actors, are already comfortable working with each other as they previously played affectionate siblings in the hit drama "Kill Me, Heal Me."

This time the former drama siblings get to parlay their killer chemistry into playing lovers.

In this drama, Hwang Jung Eum plays Kim Hye Jin, a girl who was pretty before her family fell on hard times. No longer able to afford the clothes, hair and makeup that kept her looking beautiful, she is a less attractive shadow of her former self.

Meanwhile, Park Seo Joon's character Ji Sung Joon, was not considered attractive when he was young and overweight. After he lost weight, he became very attractive to women. There are no details yet as to whether the drama will feature his transformation, but if it does, it promises to be interesting.

"I feel that I will finally be able to show some transformation through this project," said Park. "I'm very excited and also determined at the thought of being able to show a different side of me."

Go Joon Hee, who plays a supporting role in the drama, was happy to be working with actors her own age. At first she was nervous but her fears dissolved after witnessing the fun atmosphere on set.

"I am usually the youngest member on the set," said Go. "I'm more excited and happier this time because I'm acting with actors my age in this romantic comedy."

But the drama's director may have been the happiest person present at that reading.

"I am lucky," said Director Jung Dae Yoon. "I am happy to see all the actors and actresses in front of me who were my top choices for casting."

The series will follow "The Scholar Who Walks The Night" on September 16. "She Was Pretty" also stars Park Yoo Hwan, Hwang Suk Jung and Kim Ha Kyun.

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