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Which KDramas Made The Cut At The Seoul International Drama Awards?

BY Julie Jones | Aug 12, 2015 01:15 PM EDT


The Seoul International Drama Awards will take place on Sept. 10 and the finalists have already been determined.

Twenty-four dramas from various countries were nominated for the finals, as well as 25 directors, screenwriters, actors and actresses in individual categories. Altogether the awards received 212 submissions from 48 countries.

Four k-dramas made the cut for this category. They include the hit cable drama "Misaeng," the Monday- Tuesday drama "Yuna's Street," the police thriller "Bad Guys" and the lesser known "Snowy Road."

Just in case you missed any of these dramas, here's what they are about and who is in them:

"Misaeng" is the story of a baduk (Go) player who must find an office job and faces insurmountable odds in his efforts to become a full time employee. This show was so well done, the main character's struggles were painful to watch. A big hit in Korea, it starred Im Si Wan, Byun Ho, Kang So Ra and Lee Sung Min.

"Yuna's Street" stars Lee Hee Joon as a poor but ambitious man who dreams of being a social worker. He's in love with the pickpocket Yoo Na, played by Kim Ok Vin and inspires her to change her life.

In "Bad Guys" Kim Sang Joong's detective character uses bad guys to catch bad guys. They include a detective suspended from the police force, a gangster, a contract killer and a serial killer, played by Park Hae Jin.

The final drama in this collection is "Snowy Road," which focuses on the story of two girls in Korea during the Japanese occupation. It stars Kim Sae Ron.

Korean actor, Bool Am Choi, is the head judge for the final selection of awards. Choi made his drama debut in 1967 when he appeared in "Grand Prince Suyang.. He appeared in dramas such as "Chief Inspector," "Country Diaries" and "You and I. In 2008 he won the year's Star Awards at the 3rd Seoul International Drama Awards.

"A wide range of dramas are submitted to the Seoul Drama Awards every year regardless of nationality and genre," said Bool. "In particular, great dramas acclaimed for both cinematic quality and popularity have been selected to mark this year's 10th Seoul Drama Awards."

Nominees for Best Actor include Ji Sung, who starred in "Kill Me Heal Me," Terrence Howard in the American drma "Empire," Adrien Brody in the American drama "Houdini," Florian Lukas in the German drama "We Did It For The Money" and Shaohua Ma in the Chinese drama "Deng Xiaoping."

Best actress nominees include Sonya Walger from the Canadian drama "The Good Sister," Gina Rodriguez from the American drama "Jane The Virgin" and Lena Endrew from the Norwegian drama "Acquitted."

The Seoul International Drama Awards 2015 will be televised through MBC. K-drama actors Kim Jung Eun and Lee Dong Wook will host the event. Kim Jung Eun starred in "Lovers in Paris" and "Make A Woman Cry." Lee has acted in "Hotel King" and "Scent of a Woman."

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