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Get Ready: New Teaser Trailer For “Shark”

BY Joan MacDonald | May 23, 2013 06:01 PM EDT


The new teaser trailer for the KBS drama “Shark” has an interesting mix of images, white sharks and wedding dresses, danger and love. That’s because it’s a story about how love and revenge can fight a furious war inside one person’s heart.
The story starts out with an accident. The father of the heroine, Jo Hae Woo, played by Son Ye Jin, is having an affair with a news anchorwoman. When the anchorwoman dies in an accident, he leaves the scene and pins the blame for her death on his chauffer. Initially, the chauffer takes the blame but when he tries to confess, he dies mysteriously.
The chauffeur’s son, Han Yi Soo, played by Kim Nam Gil, wants to uncover the truth about his father’s death and avenge it. He stages his own fake death so he can carry out his revenge. He and Jo Hae Woo have loved each other since they were children and she is heartbroken to find that he has died. She marries someone else and becomes a prosecutor so she can investigate Han Yi Soo’s death. Her new husband is a hotel director.
Han Yi Soo sets up a trap to entice Jo Hae Woo as part of his revenge plan. But they still love each other. Which will win out? Revenge or love?
Revenge usually ends badly but hopefully these characters will have their priorities straight.
This drama the first time in three years that Son Ye Jin returns to the small screen. Her last drama appearance was in “Personal Taste” with Lee Min Ho.
This is also Kim Nam Gil’s first drama in three years and his role since fulfilling his military service but certainly not his first revenge drama, as he appeared in “Bad Guy” in a similar role.
He played that bad guy so convincingly that when Son Ye Jin first arrived on set, she expected him to have lots of bad guy charisma.
“I was surprised when I met him for the first time, because he was so cute,” said Son.
But there is no doubt the actor will be able once again to convince audiences that he is truly bad.
The drama also stars Ha Seok Jin, Lee Honey, Lee Jeong Gil and Park Won Sang. It will replace “God of the Workplace.”
“Shark” is written by Kim Ji Woo and is the third of the writer’s trilogy of revenge dramas, which include “Resurrection” and “The Devil.” Park Chan Hong will direct.

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