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'Assembly' Song Yoon Ah Still Selects Jung Jae Young

BY Christine Han | Sep 18, 2015 01:05 AM EDT

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In "Assembly" Song Yoon Ah chose Jung Jae Yeong despite the suggestion of the secretary of the bureau.

On the 20th and final episode of KBS 2TV Wednesday/Thursday drama "Assembly" (script Jung Hyun Min) Choi In Kyung (played by Song Yoon Ah) was given a lot of proposals from the secretary of the bureau.   Despite that, she chose Jin Sang Pil (played by Jung Jae Young).

On this day, Choi In Kyung was called to the Blue House (equivalent of the White House in Korea).  With that, she was put to question about why the Bae Dahl Soo (played by Son Byung Ho) law has turned into a piece of garbage after the president, Suh Dae Han, had rejected it.

President Suh Dae Han wanted to keep Choi In Kyung by his side.  Therefore, he suggested that she be part of her cabinet as the secretary of the interior.  Nonetheless, Choi In Kyung refused, despite having been so keen on entering the government.  With that, she chose Jin Sang Pil

Learning about this, Jin Sang Pil wanted to send Choi In Kyung to the Blue House and spoke to Baek Do Hyun (played by Jang Hyun Sung).  Choi In Kyung knew that this was all because hJin Sang Pil wanted to have a congressman badge.  Choi In Kyung said, "He's going to get that badge.  And then he's going to elect and re-elect and make him the representative of the party and then even president."

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