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'Yong Pal' Kim Tae Hee Starts Revenge

BY Christine Han | Sep 19, 2015 01:43 AM EDT

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In "Yong Pal" Jung Woong In was fairly convinced.  He thought that Kim Tae Hee was going to kill him.

"Yong Pal" is about the story of a talented surgeon.  He adopts the name of Yong Pal to provide his skills for those in need but then finds himself dealing with criminal and corrupt plutocrats in this politically infused drama.

Here, on the 14th episode of SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama "Yong Pal" broadcast on September 17th, Director Lee (played by Jung Woong In) shook in disbelief.

On this day, the Secretary (played by Choi Byung Mok) reported that Han Yeo Jin (played by Kim Tae Hee) was meeting up with Kim Tae Hyun (played by Joo Won).  With that, he asked, "What should I do about Director Lee?"  At this, Han Yeo Jin said ina very cold way, "What am I supposed to say about that?"  The secretary said, "I'll take care of it" knowing that the others were not fond of this idea."

At the same time, Kim Tae Hyun said to Director Lee, "Don't worry. Director Ko is dead."  With that, he was intending on saying that there was no one to threaten Director Lee.  Director Lee's face hardened saying, "No this must not be.  It's Yeo Jin.  Yeo Jin made sure that he committed suicide."

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