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Jennifer Lawrence Stunning in New Dior Ad Campaign

BY Saranya Palanisamy | Sep 20, 2015 10:48 PM EDT


Jennifer Lawrence, the Dior supermodel looks stunning in her new ads for the signature brand. Though Lawrence has been the face of Dior for years she looks more glamorous and sizzling this season.

The 25-year old star has added about six new campaign images in her gallery of the brand, this time of Dior's Be Dior and Diorissimo bags collection for Fall/Winter 2015. She also opened up in behind-the-scenes video about what bags meant for her and what she carried in them, according to Mail Online.

What Bags Meant For Jennifer Lawrence Dior

"I keep in my handbag... a phone, house keys, car keys. A lot of keys,' Lawrence said. "My purse is very noisy. I have just, like, airport bags that are filled with gum wrappers and old tickets. I normally use smaller bags for dressing up and big bags for airport bags."

Photographer David Sims shot Lawrence for the ad featuring Be Dior and the Diorissimo, the bags designed by Ashley Tisdale with Signorelli and more. Both the above bag models have the two specific themes for the season, bold colours and animal-inspired motif, reported People.

Jennifer Lawrence Talks About Skechers

Lawrence who also shot for Demi Lovato's Skechers recently noted that "I have a ridiculous amount of Skechers in my closet - they are super comfy." "While touring, I walk through a lot of airports, which can get super exhausting and hurt my feet. Not good when I have to be ready to perform on stage in heels that night," she added.

Speaking about the sneakers Lawrence noted that she felt better when she exercised well even when she is busy. She added that she had more energy when she ate and worked out well. Lawrence never considered exercise as a priority but mandatory to stay healthy most importantly for being fit and during tours.  

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