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Get Ready For "Scandal: A Shocking And Wrongful Incident"

BY Joan MacDonald | Jun 28, 2013 02:29 PM EDT


If you are looking for more scandal in your life, you are in luck. The new drama, Scandal: A Shocking And Wrongful Incident,” has enough scandalous incidents to go around. And it starts this week.

In the 36-episode drama, Kim Jae Won plays Ha Eun Jung, a policeman with a strong sense of right and wrong. He meets a single mom, Woo Ah Mi, played by Jo Yoon Hee, and they become involved in a scandal. But that’s not the worst of it.
Because of the scandal Ha Eun Jung finds out that the man he thinks of as his father actually kidnapped him when he was young. His kidnapping was part of an act of revenge against his real father. The man who kidnapped Ha Eun Joong wanted revenge against his father because he was responsible for a building collapse that killed his own son.
When Ha Eun Joong discovers his true parentage, the truth threatens to undermine everything he believes in and upend his whole life.
The drama has a stellar cast with plenty of drama experience. It also stars Jo Jae Hyun as Ha Myung Geun, the man who kidnapped Eun Joong, Ki Tae Young as Jang Eun Joong, Shin Eun Gyung as Yoon Hwa Yeong and Park Sang Min as Jang Tae Ha.
Kim Jae Won previously starred as Jang Kang San in “May Queen” and the deaf Cha Dong Joo in “Can You Hear My Heart.” Jo Yoon Hee played Joo Min Young in “Nine: Nine Time Travels” and Oh Yoon Joo in “Lie To Me.”
Jo Jae Hyun has appeared in dozens of dramas and dozens of films, as well as several stage productions. Shin Eun Gyung is a veteran actress with many dramas and films to her credit, most recently appearing in the SBS series “Still You” and the film “Love In Between.”
Ki Tae Young appeared in “To The Beautiful You” and “Living in Style.” The posters for the drama make it appear that he and Kim Jae Won will form a love triangle with Jo Yoon Hee.
Park Sang Min appeared in “Incarnation of Money” and “City Hunter.”
Kim Jin Man will direct the film. He produced the dramas “The Greatest Love” and “East of Eden.” He directed “I Really, Really Like You” and “Beating Heart.” “Scandal: A Shocking and Wrongful Incident” is written by Bae Yoo Mi.

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