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Kim Ha Neul Denies Marriage Rumors

BY Adrienne Stanley | Sep 25, 2015 12:55 PM EDT


Kim Ha Neul denied rumors that she was preparing to marry her non-celebrity boyfriend. The actress released a statement through her agency, SM Culture + Contents (SM C+C), to address the wedding rumors. 

"It's true that Kim Ha Neul is in a serious relationship," said a spokesperson for the agency, in a report published by Sports Chosun. "You think of the future as you get older and it was a serious meeting. But there are no specific plans for a wedding." 

On September 25, the Korean outlet Donga reported that the 37-year-old actress was preparing to wed her recently announced boyfriend.

"Their ambivalent parents accepted the relationship," said the unnamed source, in the article published by Donga. 

However, these claims were disproven by subsequent statements released by SM C+C, on behalf of the star. Her wedding rumors follow the confirmation of her relationship with a businessman who is one year younger. 

On September 24, SM C+C issued a statement regarding Kim and her boyfriend, which was published by Yonhap News

"Kim Ha Neul is dating a businessman, who is one year younger [than her]," said a spokesperson for SM C+C, in a quote provided to Yonhap News. "They have been dating for about a year after they were introduced by a friend."  

Kim recently completed the film, "Teacher," with Jung Woo Sung. Her last Korean drama role was in the 2012 romantic comedy, "A Gentleman's Dignity." She led the cast as Seo Yi Soo, an ethics teacher in her 30s who struggled with finding true love. 

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