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Interview with Lee Jung Jin 'Not Yet on Marriage... Time Will Come Eventually'

BY Staff Reporter | Jul 11, 2013 03:32 PM EDT


Lee Jung Jin is gentle as his character Lee Se Yoon was in the MBC drama "A Hundred Year's Inheritance".

When actor Lee Jung Jin was asked about his popularity after the drama "A Hundred Year's Inheritance" completed, he stated, "When I go to restaurants, people older than me come out from the back and ask me things like 'Is there anything you want to eat?' and such. To be honest, people who are older don't always recognize idol groups. If they are not interested, they wouldn't know about Girls' Generation or KARA. I really like the fact that those people know I am."

When he was asked about what he would do if his parents didn't approve of his love, Lee Jung Jin commented, "I wouldn't talk back to them but I would say something like, 'this is my opinion'" and was unsure.

On his co-star Eugene, Lee Jung Jin stated, "She is like a real actress now. Back then, I felt like she was a singer but all the viewers see her as an actress now. I think she worked extremely hard to become accepted as an actress. She showed a lot."

Regarding his entertainment agency JYP, Lee Jung Jin stated, "Park Jin Young loves to watch dramas and movies. He continued to monitor 'A Hundred Year's Inheritance' but didn't say anything about my acting (laugh)." Lee Jung Jin revealed that he is close to 2PM members as well as Im Seulong from 2AM.

When he was asked to comment on his consistent popularity, Lee Jung Jin stated, "Popularity is like humidity so I try not to get attached. In that sense, I am very glad that I have been an actor for 14 years. I still think that I need to work harder."

Throughout his career, Lee Jung Jin has never had a scandal. Regarding this, he stated, "I was quiet while I went to school too. I didn't do anything that drew attention. There wasn't a scandal because there is nothing going on."

Lee Jung Jin continued, "Honestly, I don't care about publicizing my dating life but people who are not celebrities may feel uncomfortable. It might be okay if the news broke out naturally but I think the other person's opinion is more important than mine."

Lee Jung Jin then revealed that people around him keep telling him to get married but he does not want to at the moment. He stated, "It'll happen when the time comes. I can't get married by myself. I don't rush."

When he was asked about what he is most interested in, Lee Jung Jin answered, "I hope the people around me don't get sick."

Lee Jung Jin also loves to do volunteer work when he has time. He has even been to Nepal for a project to build libraries. He emphasized, "I went there for a trip, not volunteer. When I say volunteer work to people, some people get overwhelmed so I just say 'let's go on a trip'. You can enjoy a trip and just spend two days volunteering. And you just donate whatever amount that fits your budget. It's not something people should feel inadequate about."

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