Cher Questioned By German Cops Because She Doesn't Have A Last Name In Her Passport? Not Famous Enough?


Cher has been known without a last name ever since she built a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

However, not having a last name reportedly almost got Cher in trouble when she was in Germany to get a holistic treatment recently.

"Cher rented an apartment for her and her friends. But apparently, the building's manager had no idea who Cher was and after a few weeks, he began to worry he wasn't going to get paid by his tenants, and he phoned police," an insider told Dish Nation.

"Cops showed up around midnight and knocked on the door. They demanded to not only speak to Cher, but they wanted to inspect her credit card and passport because they said the manager believed them to be fake," the source continued.

Apparently, showing Cher's passport to the authorities only posed more complications.

"Cher's passport only bears the name 'Cher' - which a lot of people find strange - but because she's an international star most people recognize her without ever needing to see any for of ID," the source dished out.

Unfortunately, despite Cher's popularity in various parts of the world, it seems that the German cops who questioned her weren't familiar of the music artist.

"The police argued that they'd never seen a passport that only had one name and they were on the verge of taking her down to the station, because they too wondered if the passport was fake, until Cher's long-time personal assistant Jennifer pointed out that the passport was full of stamps from all over the world - proving she'd legally traveled often with it."

According to Cher's IMDB biography, the music artist decided to dropped her last names in the 1970's.

Cher's former legal name was "Cherilyn Sarkisian LaPierre Bono," before she officially took out her last names.

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