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Sherlock Holmes Season 4 Spoilers: Moriarty Death Theories Abound As Producer Steven Moffat Remains Mum! Sherlock Watson Bromance Stirred Up Anew Because Of Deleted Gay Club Scene!

By Staff Writer | Mar 03, 2014 02:05 AM EST


BBC's Sherlock Holmes is becoming a sensational riddle for TV viewers everywhere after only 3 seasons with 3 episodes each. That seems the shortest invitation to a world-wide guessing game. But like Benedict Cumberbatch's character, it seems like executive producer Steven Moffat and company are pushing us to engage to love big mysteries.

Nothing is more puzzling that Moriarty's death, and theories are being debated as of this very moment among concerned netizens. Is the genius villain dead or alive?

Fans are holding to every clue that Moffat is giving out, and yet, we are still far from the truth. One possible spoiler is that Moriarty is indeed gone. And that teaser at the end of season 3 might just be a recorded bluff.

Moffat pointed out that "obviously Sherlock Holmes must have a Moriarty," but added that it may be the last of him as he insists that Moriarty "was definitely dead," and that "you can't fake shooting yourself in the face as part of his head came off."

Fans can't trust Moffat's validation since he was known to hold on to facts to keep the suspense, which eventually leads to a ridiculous but popular theory: A Moriarty double.

"The Reichenbach Fall" episode showed the troubled little girl in the sweet factory screamed when she'd seen Sherlock. The eccentric detective from Baker Street deduced that there might be someone who looked like him when he confessed how he survived to Anderson. Andrew Scott's character might just be using one too. Who knows? Moffat aren't really into details these days.

Another interest of viewers of the popular detective series is the growing 'bromance' of Sherlock and Watson, and questions about their sexuality even arises from time to time. It eventually been stirred up again upon Martin Freeman's revelation of a deleted scene in a gay club meant to be part of the 2nd episode of Season 3.

Freeman, who plays Watson, explained at a Sherlock 'Meet the Filmmakers' event in London: "There was the gay club scene. Why didn't that get in? We got mullered in a gay club and all these topless guys were going by."

Cumberbatch continued with the story which was part of the 'stag party' angle: "I (Sherlock) had no idea why we were there and what it was and they were all walking past and then I realised."

The 'Doctor Who' producer Steven Moffat dismissed that production team are avoiding gay gossips between his two characters, explaining: "The first cut of the stag went on and on and on, if you had seen us you would have hunted us down."

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