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'Dragon Ball Xenoverse' Cheats: Get Unlimited Health, Stamina And Ki Using New Bugged Z-Souls After Patch 1.03!

BY Gunther Barbosa | Mar 30, 2015 10:02 AM EDT

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New "Dragon Ball Xenoverse" cheats were discovered recently as new bugged Z-souls have been discovered that would get you unlimited health, ki and stamina that would basically give you God mode in Parallel Quests and PVP.

Cheats For All has reported on some new "Dragon Ball Xenoverse" cheats and stated that after the patch 1.03 fixed the bugged Z-Soul, "Bwahaha... Thanks for the energy!", a bunch of new Z-souls were discovered that would give them infinite health, ki and stamina.

To do these "Dragon Ball Xenoverse" cheats, you would need to actually own these Z-souls and you must play the game in 30fps mode (for PC users).

To get infinite Ki, you must have a Saiyan character equipped with the Z-Soul "I'll Take You Down!" and the skill "Super Vegeta 2". When the battle starts, you will notice that the your character will have a white aura, immediately transform to Super Saiyan using the "Super Vegeta 2" skill. If done correctly, you will transform before the aura disappears and you will have infinite Ki and you will be Super Saiyan for the duration of the match or Parallel Quest.

To get infinite stamina and health, you need to have the Z-Soul "Never give up", the "Kaioken x20" skill and a healing capsule of any kind. The description for the "Never give up" Z-Soul states that you would be revived instantly when you get KO'ed and you would get some HP back, however, if you die under "Kaioken x20" and use a healing capsule the moment you get back up, you would have infinite stamina and health. It should be noted though that your health bar would show your "real health" but you would not take damage at all.

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