Ryu Soo Young And Park Ha Sun Deny Wedding Rumors

Ryu Soo Young
Park Ha Sun

Rumors have begun circulating that actor Ryu Soo Young and his girlfriend actress Park Ha Sun are getting ready to tie the knot.

The rumors were prompted by Ryu buying an apartment in the Bangbaedong neighborhood of Seoul. Fans speculated that it would be a newlywed home for the couple. But the actor denies that the couple are making any specific plans.

His agency Fly Up Entertainment commented on the situation.

"It is true Ryu Soo Young did purchase an apartment, but to say it's his newlywed home is misleading. The couple does not have plans to marry at this point. They're fine dating for now."

Her agency also denied the rumors.

The actors met when they acted together in the 2013 drama "Two Weeks." Park Ha Sun's character was engaged to Ryu Soo Young's character. She was so happy with him that she had almost forgotten her ex and the father of her child, played by Lee Jun Ki. Ryu's character was a supportive boyfriend, unlike her petty criminal ex. But then Lee Jun Ki's character showed up in her life again because of his involvement in a crime. Coincidentally, Ryu was a detective who had to pursue Lee's fugitive character. And then it turns out Lee's character was not so bad after all. In the drama Park's character chose her ex and broke off her engagement with Ryu's character.

In real life, Park chose Ryu Soo Young. At first they were friends. And then the relationship evolved.

In March 2015 the couple was forced to go public with their relationship after the Korean magazine "Woman Sense" published an article saying they had been seeing each other since they worked together on "Two Weeks." However, his agency released a statement saying that they had only dated for a few months.

"They've been dating officially since five months ago."

Since appearing on "Two Weeks, Ryu had roles in "Endless Love," "Blood" and recently starred as the math professor lead in "The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law" aka "The Virtual Bride."

After "Two Weeks" Park Ha Sun appeared in "Three Days" with Park Yoo Chun and "Temptation" with Kwon Sang Woo.

Ryu and Park both appeared on the variety program "Real men." Ryu was one of the show's original members. He encouraged Park to appear on the female soldier special. After recommending that she take the part, he gave her advice on how to survive the show. Fans called them the "Real Man" couple.

Ryu previously said that Park was his ideal woman.