Dec 17, 2015 | 08:54 AM EST

Lee Byung Hun, Kang Dong Won And Kim Woo Bin Headline ‘Master’ Cast

BY Julie Jones

The crime thriller film "Master" tells the story of a major scam and the detectives that defeat the con men behind the scam.

Lee Byung Hun plays one of the bad guys. He's Chairman Jin, the charismatic leader of the con men.

Kang Dong Won plays Kim Jae Myung, one of the good guys. He is the leader of the criminal investigation team. Kim Jae Myung is very smart and detail oriented but he doesn't just solve crimes sitting at a desk. He's fearless when it comes to tracking down criminals. And Chairman Jin is his enemy.

Kim Woo Bin plays Park Jang Goon. He is very smart. But he uses his brains to benefit the bad guys and is Chairman Jin's loyal lackey.

Before it even begins filming, the movie can be expected to sell plenty of tickets as all three actors have a loyal following and an impressive record at the box office.

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According to a December 13 story by the American entertainment magazine Variety, Lee Byung Hun's "Inside Men" topped the Korean box office for four weeks in a row. Within a month "Inside Men" earned over $40 million in ticket sales.  In that film Lee Byung Hun played a political henchman, who gets caught pocketing some of a candidate's slush fund.

Kang Dong Won is also a big box office draw. For a short time, Kang Dong Won's last film, "The Priests," was the closest competitor for "Inside Me." The film ultimately wound up in seventh place on Korea's list of highest grossing domestic releases in 2015.

In that thriller Kang Dong Won played a priest who helps a young girl believed to be the victim of a demonic posession. "Master" will be the first time Kang plays a detective.

Kim Woo Bin is no slouch at the box office either and he has played a con man before. He sold 100,000 tickets for three films in a row, "Friend: The Great Legacy," "The Con Artists" and "Twenty." "The Con Artists," in which Kim Woo Bin played a high tech con artist, made $18 million.

Jo Eui Suk, who directed the successful film "Cold Eyes," will direct "Master."

Filming is expected to begin early in 2016. Zip Cinema, which worked with Kang Dong Won on three films and produced "Cold Eyes," will be the producer on this film. CJ Entertainment will distribute it.

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