Jan 22, 2016 | 08:14 AM EST

Choi Ji Woo Appears In First Film In Seven Years

BY Julie Jones

Likes can lead to love. Especially if they are Facebook likes. That's the premise of Choi Ji Woo's new film "Like for Likes," previously titled "Happy Facebook."

The romantic comedy will be Choi's first film in seven years.Choi is best known for starring in the Hallyu classic hits "Winter Sonata" and "Stairway to Heaven." She's done a drama a year for the past few years, playing a robotic caretaker in "The Suspicious Housekeeper," a sophisticated business owner having an affair in "Temptation" and a mature college student in "Twenty Again."

But her last film appearance was in "Actresses" in 2009 and in that film she and several other notable k-drama actresses played themselves.

The new film is expected to make the most of Choi's charisma. She plays Ham Joo Ran, a naive and gullible stewardess.

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"I let go of everything and put myself completely into the role," she said at a press conference for the film, which will be released on February 18.

Fortunately her character has an ally in Kim Joo Hyuk, who plays an understanding chef. Kim  thought she was perfect for the part.

"Choi Ji Woo's clumsiness makes her even more adorable," he said.

The film is all about the way people "like" each other on Facebook and how this can lead to liking each other in real life.  The story follows three couples, with Choi Ji Woo and Kim Joo Hyuk playing the first.

The next couple is played by Yoo Ah In, currently appearing in "Six Flying Dragons" and Lee Mi Yeon, last seen in "Reply 1988." Lee plays a drama writer and Yoo Ah In plays a Hallyu star. They wind up meeting after he sends her a friend request.

Kang Ha Neul of "MIsaeng" is a shy songwriter and Esom, who appeared in "Scarlet innocence," plays a director with a little more dating experience.

Park Hyun Jin, who wrote and directed "Lovers of Six Years" directed "LIke For Likes."

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