Jan 27, 2015 | 18:46 PM EST

Girls' Generation Member Yoona Was Almost Injured While Filming A Chinese Drama

BY Adrienne Stanley

Yoona may have narrowly escaped serious injury while filming her upcoming mainland Chinese historical drama, “God of War Zhao Yun.” 

Chinese media reported an accident involving the Girls' Generation member where she almost fell off a horse. After the horse she was riding on became startled, Yoona was almost propelled to the ground. She was riding on the front of the horse while her “God of War Zhao Yun” co-star Lin Gengzin was riding on the back of the same horse. Lin Gengizn was able to grab Yoona, preventing her from obtaining serious injuries.

According to various reports, Yoona cried after the incident and was startled by the possibility of being injured.

Yoona is the female lead of “God of War Zhao Yun.” The drama is based on the story Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which is considered one of four renowned classical pieces of Chinese literature. Yoona portrays Xiahou Zing, the romantic partner of the protagonist, Zhao Yun. Their partnership is an ill-fated romance which is complicated by circumstances under which Zhao Yun is responsible for the murder of Xiahou Zing’s father.

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Yoona and Lin Gengzin are joined by a star-studded cast for the highly anticipated drama. Lin Gengzin experienced an dramatic surge in his career in 2014 with roles in the films "My Old Classmate" and "The Taking of Tiger Mountain." 

"God of War Zhao Yun" is produced by Hongdian World Studios. The company previously released photos featuring Yoona in traditional Chinese costume through their Weibo account. 

“God of War Zhao Yun” started filming in January and is scheduled to air on Hunan TV in August 2015.

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