Jan 30, 2015 | 20:00 PM EST

'Terminator Genisys' Starring Lee Byung Hun, Arnold Schwarzenegger Released A New Trailer

BY Adrienne Stanley

On January 29, Paramount released the trailer for “Terminator Genisys,” the latest film in the “Terminator” action series. The trailer was specifically created to run as an advertisement during the upcoming Super Bowl.

Lee Byung Hun stars opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger as the shape-shifting assassination robot T-1000. T-1000 last made its appearance in "Terminator 2: Judgement Day." The preview features Lee Byung Hun in a thrilling action sequence where he breaks through glass in his dogged determination to locate his target.

He made his Hollywood debut as Storm Shadow in the 2009 film “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.” He then returned to the franchise to reprise his role as Storm Shadow in the 2013 film, “G.I. Joe:Retaliation.”

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While these are significant accomplishments in Hollywood, he has recently been the subject of Korean news due to his alleged blackmail scandal involving Da Hee and Ji Yeon.

This scandal may have led to a situation where film distributors in Korea were hesitant to pick up the Hollywood movie. On January 28, the entertainment outlet Variety reported the shift in distribution of the film from CJ Entertainment to Lotte Entertainment. According to Variety, Lotte Entertainment issued a statement providing clarification for the change in distribution providers. In the statement, Lotte said, "We confirm that Lotte Entertainment has taken over Korean distribution rights to 'T5' as of 28 January. We apologize for any confusion caused." 

Meanwhile, CJ Entertainment representatives stated that the decision to relinquish their rights to distribute the film came at the request of Paramount Pictures. Paramount Pictures normally deals with CJ Entertainment for sub-distribution to the Korean market. 

“Terminator Genisys” is scheduled for release in July 2015.

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