Sep 28, 2015 | 13:59 PM EDT

Lee Kwang Soo Suffers Serious Side Effects In 'Collective Information'

BY Julie Jones

Fans know Lee Kwang Soo from his long stint on “Running Man” and his role as a man with Tourette’s syndrome in the recent drama “It’s Okay That’s Love.” But in his upcoming film, “Collective Information,” Lee plays a mutant. He’s half fish and half human. It’s not pretty.
Lee’s character Park Goo is working in a lab with an experimental drug when it became evident that the drug had some strange side effects. He discovers it has side effects because he turns into a mutant.
“I just wanted to be a normal person,” said Park Goo in the film trailer.
That’s not his fate.
His mutant state leads him to become a celebrity that everyone wants to meet. This is both surprising and unnerving. At the same time his fishy state is an embarrassment to the pharmaceutical company he used to work for. They do not want people to know that their drug has any side effects. It would be best to get rid of the evidence, namely Park Goo.
Park Bo Young, who recently played a shy possessed girl in “Oh My Ghostess,” plays the mutant’s girlfriend. Lee Chun Hee plays an idealistic reporter investigating the conspiracy to cover up the drug’s side effects. He needs a great story to help impress the world and establish his reputation. He reads about a boy who turns into a fish and he wants to find out if it’s a fraud. The boy's girlfriend posted the story. And he’s intrigued by the fact that the girl continues to love her boyfriend in his new scaly form.
Lee Chun Hee appeared in the 2015 drama “Hello Monster,” had a small role in “The Producers” and appeared in “The Master’s Sun.”
Kwon Oh Kwang directed the film. Kwon was the screenwriter for ‘Short,” the first-ever short film to win at the Cannes International Film Festival.
“Collective Information” premieres at the 40th Toronto International Film Festival in September 2015. "The Mutant" was selected through the CJ E&M Butterfly Project competition. The competition accepts script entries from young directors and provides production funding to the winners. Previous Butterfly Project competition winners include the 2013 film "Steel Cold Winter," which starred starring Kim Shi Hoo and Kim Yoon Hye.
Check out the trailer:

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