Jo In Sung May Reunite With Go Hyun Jung

Jo In Sung
Go Hyun Jung

Jo In Sung and Go Hyun Jong, the former co-stars of the 2005 drama "Spring Day" may soon reunite.

According to the Korean media outlet TV Daily, Jo is considering a role in a new project by the writer No Hee Kyung. That's the same writer responsible for Jo In Sung's previous hit dramas "It's Okay, That's Love" and "That Winter The Wind Blows."

According to the actor's agency, IOK Company the actor has received an offer but it's only for a cameo appearance.

"Jo In Sung has received an offer to make a cameo in No Hee Kyung's new project and is positively reviewing the offer. The role has not yet been decided."

The as-yet unnamed tvN project has a 2016 release date. Actress Go Hyun Jung is also said to be considering a role. Go is represented by the same agency. IOK Company also said that she is positively reviewing the offer but no decisions have been made.  

In June 2015 the actors were spotted arriving at the airport together and photos taken of them sparked dating rumors. At the time the agency denied that the actors were dating and said that they were merely good friends. "They went to Japan having different schedules. They departed at different times but returned together after finishing their work. They definitely don't have the kind of relationship one would suspect just by looking at the picture. They coincidentally returned at the same time together."

The actors have been friends since they appeared in "Spring Days."  The drama, in which they played lovers, was very popular, earning 30 percent in viewer ratings.

The actress and former Miss Korea has spoken about their friendship on various TV and radio shows. In 2008, she was complimenting him on the MBC radio show "Park Kyung Lim's Starry Night" and confessed that she expresses her feelings for him.

"I sometimes jokingly tell him that I love him and ask him to marry me," she said on the program.

Go Hyun Jung appeared in "Sandglass," one of the highest-rated and most critically acclaimed dramas in k-drama history. She was popular as a result of her 2009 drama "Queen Seonduk" and the 2010 drama "Daemul." She retired from acting in 1995 when she married but divorced in 2003. Her most recent drama was "The Queen's Classroom" in 2013. In 2014 she began teaching acting at her alma mater Dongguk University.

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