Im Si Wan Signs On For 'On Line'

Im Si Wan
Lee Jong Suk
One Line

Im Si Wan has confirmed his participation in the film currently titled "One Line." That means he gets to play a bad guy this time. He will play the leader of a ring of con artists who attempt to pull off a major case of insurance fraud.

Im Si Wan has played a determined office worker, a tortured book club member and a sometimes, slightly evil, younger brother. But he's never played an out-and-out criminal before.

It should be interesting.

According to the Korean media outlet OSEN, the actor and former Z:EA singer has already signed a contract to appear in the film. The  role was also offered to Lee Jong Suk, although it is not known whether Lee declined the role or it was ultimately decided in Im Si Wan's favor. Im Si Wan won much praise and a few awards for his role last year in the surprise hit cable drama "Misaeng." In that drama he played Jang Geu Rae, a former baduk player who tries to make it in the cutthroat office environment of a trading company. Jang Geu Rae sturggles against impossible odds to make a life for himself. His quiet desperation was easy for viewers to identify with.

Im Si Wan won several awards for playing Jang Geu Rae, including a Baeksang Arts Award. The 27-year-old actor also earned  praise for his role as an unjustly accused prisoner in the film "The Attorney." Im also recently finished shooting the film "Thoughts Of Older Brother."In that film he plays a second lieutenant during the Korean War. His character becomes close to a children's choir that he wants to protect.

Appearing in "Misaeng" did not just earn Im Si Wan awards. He earned endorsement deals of almost $2 million and offers to appear in other productions.

His new film "One Line" focuses on insurance fraud and it gives Im the chance to play a criminal. He will play the leader of a group of con artists.

Yang Kyung Ho, who previously won a short film award, will direct. Supporting actors are currently being cast and filming is scheduled to begin in December. The film will be released in 2016.

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