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Won Bin's Comeback Will Wait A While Longer

BY Julie Jones | Oct 20, 2015 11:49 AM EDT


Won Bin was about to make a much-anticipated comeback, but then decided against appearing in the upcoming film "With God."

It has already been five years since the actor appeared in a film, so his fans have been eager for his comeback. His last film role was in the 2010 movie "The Man From Nowhere." When the film wrapped Won said he had his sights on Hollywood but a Hollywood film offer fell through.

It has been even longer since the actor appeared on the small screen. Won has not appeared in a drama since the 2002 program "Friends."

After appearing in "The Man From Nowhere" he was offered several drama and film roles, including the con man role that Jo In Sung played across from Song Hye Kyo in "That Winter The Wind Blows." He was considering that role but differences with the production team reportedly ended his participation.

In January 2015, Korean media outlet The Star reported that the actor was considering several roles, including a historical film and an action film. Director Lee Chang Dong wanted Won for a project along with popular Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi but the production was ultimately cancelled.

If Won Bin had taken the role in "With God," he would have played Jin Gi Han, a lawyer with a practice in the afterlife. The film is based on the Naver webcomic series "Singwa Hamgge" first published in 2010. The premise of the story is that a person must defend their life in the afterworld. And they may wind up with a better judgement if they hire a lawyer.

According to The Star, Won turned the role down because he wanted to do something "more emotional."

Five years is a long time to search for the perfect role, but it's not like he needs the money. A June 2015 report in the Korean media outlet OSEN says the actor earned $1.6 million from his real estate holdings in 2014. That same year he bought a two-story home in Samseong-dong, Seoul. He demolished and rebuilt it. It is now considered to be worth $2.6 million. OSEN quoted an un-named real estate expert on Won's real estate ability. He's good at spotting a deal and making the most of it. The expert said Won Bin was so good at property management that he would score him 9.5 out of 10 points.

Back in 2009, Won did an interview with My Daily, saying he wished his acting resume was longer. He hasn't done much to lengthen it but his real estate transactions may be distracting him

"When looking at my career, I feel a bit sad that I don't have many films or diverse projects," he said in his My Daily interview. "Since I've taken long breaks after each film, each time I feel like I'm starting over as a rookie again. It feels like a new start. I do think I'd like to work more than I have in the past. I'm not the type of person who can work prolifically and when I'm deeply involved in one thing, I can't do something else."

The actor, who recently married actress Lee Na Young" has been busy with his real estate career. His acting comeback may have to wait a little longer.

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