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Five Fun Facts About Gong Hyo Jin

BY Joan MacDonald | Aug 22, 2013 09:51 AM EDT


Gong Hyo Jin, the actress who displays her comic genius in "The Master's Sun," has long been a fan favorite. She is best known for her leading role in the film "Crush and Blush" as well as her roles in the dramas "Pasta" and "The Greatest Love." Her love of quirky characters has helped her develop a well-earned reputation as a serious actress.

Here are some more facts you may not know about the actress.

1. She's one of the few actresses to admit that she develops romantic feelings when acting with her drama co-stars.

"It's not like we meet each other once or twice," she said. "We work together for months."

But pretending to be in love does mean that feelings last once the actors forsake their characters.

"It is true that feelings do form, but those feelings usually fade away in the span of a few weeks after the drama ends," said Gong.

She did have a long-term relationship with one of her co-stars Ryu Seung Bum. She worked with him in the 50-episode drama "Beautiful Days" and the film, "No Manners." The couple dated off and on for more than a decade before breaking up.

2. A good friend is actress Shin Min Ah. They starred together in an indie film, "Sisters on the Road," playing half sisters. Other close friends are actresses Kim Min Hee and Bae Do Na.

3. Gong attended high school in Australia, moving there with her mother and brother when she was in her junior year. She enjoyed her time there and in 2011 became one of Korea's goodwill ambassadors to Australia.

4. When it comes to acting, she prefers to go with her instincts.

"I'm the type that figures things out along the way," said Gong. "It's sort of like how women act differently when they're wearing a skirt versus heels versus pants. In the same way, I just suddenly know what to do when I enter a space I'll do my scene with my make-up on, and exchange lines with my scene partner. So my acting changes with every take. I might say a line one way and then say it another for the take after that. There are also times when I just want to make the other person flustered because I get curious as to how that actor will react."

So far, other actors don't seem to mind. So Ji Sub, her co-star in "The Master's Sun" had nothing but praise for her comic style.

5. After so convincingly playing an ambitious junior chef in "Pasta," it's no surprise that she likes to cook. Her favorite dishes to prepare include kimchi seafood pasta, kimchi rice with bean sprouts, rice cake soup with oysters and and bean paste soup. When she's not cooking, she uses her spare time to garden, bicycle or jog.

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