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Why Suzy Cried When She Read The Screenplay For Her New Film

BY Julie Jones | Oct 27, 2015 08:28 AM EDT


When Suzy Bae read the screenplay for her new film it reminded her of the time she was a trainee with JYP Entertainment.

Her character Jin Chae Seon wanted to sing more than anything else. And Suzy knew how that felt.

"I cried when I first read the screenplay," Suzy said in an interview with the Korean media outlet Newsen. "I related to Jin Chae Seon who wanted to sing but was upset because she couldn't. I felt the same way when I was in training. I became emotional."

However, Jin Chae Seon character had more obstacles to overcome than Suzy did. Suzy auditioned for Mnet Superstar K when she was only 15. Although she was eliminated, she caught the attention of JYP and became a trainee. Auditions were hard for Suzy but not life threatening. Suzy's character Jin Chae Seon risked her life to become a trainee.

Jin Chae Seon was the first female pansori singer and lived during the Joseon dynasty. Pansori is a traditional form of musical storytelling.

"There was a certain amount of pressure associated with portraying Jin Cha Seon as she was the first female Pansori singer and she was a real character but I was attracted to her."

The film, alternately called "Dorihwaga," "The Hymn" and "The Sound of the Flower" tells the story of Sin Jae Hyo, played by Ryu Seung Ryung, a 19th century teacher who trained the first female pansori singer.  Sin Jae Hyo will not accept Jin Chae Seon as his student because she is a woman, but she won't give up. To take lessons she disguises herself as a man and speaks in a dialect. When he eventually agrees to teach her, he endangers both their lives. If anyone found out she was a woman, they might both be killed.

Suzy's admiration for her character's struggles only grew as she worked on the part. The more she learned about pansori, the more intrigued she became at the idea of studying it.

"I pray to learn more about pansori and was impressed for weeks," she said in an interview with Korea's Elle magazine.

It's Suzy's second film. In 2012 she appeared in "Architecture 101" with Uhm Tae Woong, Han Ga In and Lee Je Hoon. For that role she won a Best New Movie Award at the Baeksang Arts Award, the Hot Female Movie Star at the Sixth Mnet 20s Choice Awards and the Popular Star Award at the Blue Dragon Film Awards.

Suzy's last drama was "Gu Family Book" with co-star Lee Seung Gi. Her next drama is "Uncontrollably Fond" with Kim Woo Bin.

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