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Nam Goong Min Doesn't Want You To Hate Him

BY Julie Jones | Oct 27, 2015 10:42 AM EDT


Nam Goong Min is becoming an easy person to hate. He's so good at playing a villain.

He played a villain in "The Girl Who Sees Smells" with Park Yoo Chun and Shin Se Kyung. His performance gave viewers chills.

"Being the villain is not easy," he said when complimented on his portrayal of the murderer in "The Girl Who Sees Smells."

He said it was a lonely role because there was no one on his character's side. But that does not mean he will avoid villain roles in the future. Next he's going to play an equally appalling villain in the drama "Remember" which co-stars Yoo Seung Ho and Park Min Young.

Nam will play Nam Gyu Man, a not-so-likable chaebol in the the SBS drama. His character is not just arrogant and self-indulgent; he's impulsive and careless when it comes to the lives of other people. He has some serious anger management issues. And it's Nam Gyu Man's bad behavior that creates a big conflict for Seo Jin Woo, the lead character played by Yoo Seung Ho.

Nam Goong Min said that although both his drama roles were villains, this one is different.

"The role has a different feel to it," he said. As I consider this is a new challenge I've decided to take on the role. He is a really bad guy, but I hope the viewers won't hate me too much for this."   

In his previous roles he was not quite so villainous. He played the maybe bad mysterious hotel boss in "My Secret Hotel," hinting at just how bad he could be given the right role. He was Kim So Yeon's indecisive boss but ultimately second romantic choice in "I Need Romance 3."

With his winning smile, he has been offered more relatable roles. In the film "Dirty Carnival" he played a movie director with some gangster acquaintances. In one of his best known dramas "Can You Hear My Heart?" he played Hwang Jung Eum's lost stepbrother.

His new drama "Remember" is about a lawyer with a photographic memory who suddenly loses his memory while involved in the fight to clear his falsely charged father's name. Yoo Seung Ho plays the lawyer.

Lee Chang Min, who directed "Birth of a Beauty" will direct "Remember." Yoon Hyun Ho, who wrote the box office hit film "The Attorney," will direct.

The drama begins in December following the conclusion of "The Village - Achiara's Secret," starring Moon Geun Young and Yook Sung Jae.

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