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When The Kdrama Soundtrack Helps Set The Mood

BY Joan MacDonald | Aug 28, 2013 12:21 PM EDT


The right song can make or break a scene in a kdrama. And when you start to hum along with it, you know that drama has made a place in your heart.

The evidence for the effectiveness of beautiful soundtracks is present in the latest OST additions to the popular dramas “Good Doctor” and “The Master’s Sun.” Both of these dramas are doing well in the ratings because of their smart scriptwriting and top-notch acting, but there’s no doubt that the soundtracks also help to set a convincing mood.

Perhaps the most moving song among the latest soundtrack additions is the ballad “Crying” which serves as the theme for Moon Chae Won’s character in the medical drama “Good Doctor.” Baek Ji Young, who is often called “The Queen of the Ost” for her contributions to drama soundtracks, sings the song with great sincerity. She captured the character’s heartbreaking experiences—as a doctor and a woman—so well that the sad song topped the charts the day it was released. The soulful music for “Crying” was composed by Lee Jae Woo and the lyrics written by Oh Hyun Joo.
Baek, who contributed songs to the soundtracks for “Iris,” “Gu Family Book” and “Secret Garden” has in the past said that she loves making music for dramas, but only if she likes the female lead.
“It’s a thrill to hear my song played during the melodramatic moments,” said Baek.
Sistar’s Hyorin and Yoon Mi Rae have both contributed songs to the soundtrack for the ghost drama “The Master’s Sun.
Hyorin lent her smoky voice to “Driving Me Crazy,” the song that was played in the fourth episode. The wistful song sums up the way Gong Hyo Jin’s character makes So Ji Sub’s character feel. She drives him crazy in both good and bad ways. And he is the only one that makes the craziness in her ghost-ridden life stop. Ahn Yong Min, who has worked on the “Athena” and “Iris 2” soundtracks, produced the song. Hyorin previously contributed soundtracks to “Dream High 2” and “Glory Jane.”
Yoon Mi Rae released the song that was played during Seo In Guk’s love confession at the end of episode 5. The song “Touch Love” is played as Seo In Guk presents Gong Hyo Jin with the sweet token of his affections, a lollypop but it’s also the love theme for Gong and So Ji Sub. Oh Joon Sung composed the pop ballad. Yoon Mi Rae is an R&B singer and a rapper. Her last OST contribution was in 2007 for the drama “Bad Love.”

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