Samsung Gear S2 Health S App - Tracking Activity, Monitoring Heart Rate And More


Those connected to Samsung Gear S2 can maximize its great features, one of which is the S Health application. The app includes using the Gear S2's heart rate monitor and accelerometer.

Aside from tracking daily dietary intake and physical activity, it encourages the user to get moving if he has been inactive for long. SamsungTomorrow gave an inclusive tutorial in order to maximize Samsung's recent smartwatch.

With the Samsung Gear S2, the S Health app is easy to set up and customize. To open the S Health app, one just has to go to Gear S2's apps menu. S Health allows manual input of fitness activity by typing the exercise so that activity tracking is more accurate.

To do that, user needs to rotate the bezel of the Gear S2 until the Exercise screen shows app within the S Health app. Then he has just to tap the arrow, choose exercise, location-based services,  accept and touch the target time.  Then the bezel must be adjusted or rotated to the right to pick target calorie, distance or none at all. Then he can tap Start. While the user is exercising, he can review his stats.

Touching the screen will pause the workout. Swiping to the right shows Duration or Music. Swiping to the left displays Heart Rate, Calories and Speed. The user can then tap Finish or Stop for the purpose.

The World Health Organization recommends a weekly minimum of 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity or 150 minutes of moderate activity, to increase breathing and heart rate. It is good to track the activity's intensity and check the heart rate against the estimated maximum heart rate for one's age. Gear S2's heart rate monitor lets one track his heart rate, before, during and after exercise.

With the Samsung Gear S2 Health S app, one can turn the bezel to the right till the Heart rate monitor shows, then tap the monitor icon to start the heart rate monitor. He then has to record the heart rate by selecting a tag which describes the current state.

To view the heart rate history, the Back button should be pressed. Then tap the heart rate center screen and turn the bezel to navigate recorded history.

While walking is among the most common exercises, it is best when paired with a pedometer. The step-counting tool plus a target step goal can be effective.

To do this in Samsung Gear S2 Health S app, one has to turn the bezel to the Settings menu, tap, rotate the bezel to the right, Step target and rotate the bezel to set the daily target, then touch Set. Pressing the Back button two times, then turning the bezel left to the Steps menu will display how many steps the user does for the day out of his daily target. Tapping the number then turning the bezel left is for viewing steps history.

According to the Financial Review, the Gear S2 is Samsung's best smartwatch to date, though it still has a big room for improvement, such as, to be able to accept calls in lieu of the Android phone, as it currently cannot.

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