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'Imaginary Cat' Has A Start Date

BY Julie Jones | Oct 30, 2015 12:57 PM EDT


Mark your calendars. November 24 is the date of Yoo Seung Ho’s k-drama comeback. That’s the date his new drama “Imaginary Cat” will air on MBC.

The drama is Yoo’s first since he completed his two-year mandatory military duty in December 2014. Since then he did appear in a film, playing a Joseon era magician in “The Joseon Magician.”

“Imaginary Cat” is based on a Daum webtoon with the same name. The webtoon explores a human's life from his perspective and from that of his cat. Yoo Seung Ho plays Hyun Jong Hyun, the human who can't figure that it's his personality keeping him from being successful.

He works in a bookstore but wants to be a webtoon writer. But Jong Hyun's stubborn and self-centered tendencies keep getting in the way. He meets a stray cat on a rainy day and the two become companions. Even though the cat is his only confidant, interacting with the cat may be just what Hong Hyun needs to learn how to deal with other humans.

Mamamoo’s Solar has been cast as Hyun Jong Hyun’s first love and rookie actress Jo Hye Jung will play Oh Na Woo, a girl who takes in stray cats. Oh Na Woo feels guilty about losing a cat when she was younger, so she makes up for it by caring for other cats. The drama also stars Choi Tae Hwan who appeared in “The Scholar Who walks The Night” and “Secret Hotel” and Kim Hyun Joon last seen in “Beloved Eun Dong” and “Ho Gu’s Love.”

“Imaginary Cat” will run for eight episodes. Yoo Seung Ho has already committed to his next drama and he won’t be taking a long break in between. In “Remember” he will play a lawyer with an exceptional memory who loses that memory while trying to absolve his father of a crime he did not commit. That drama will begin in December after the conclusion of “The Village: Achiara’s Secret.” Park Min Young and Nam Goong Min co-star in “Remember.”

Yoo Seung Ho began acting as a child. His dramas include “Master of Study,” “Flames of Desire,” “Operation Proposal” and “Missing You.”

Check out the trailer below:

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