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Eight K-Drama Stars Who Survived Childhood Hardships

BY Julie Jones | Nov 03, 2015 09:20 AM EST


The Korean TV program "List of Names"  recently spoke about Cha Seung Won's early life. It wasn't easy. Although he is wealthy now, when he was first married, the family had to live in a damp basement for three years.

"I didn't have the luxury to try anything," said Cha on the program.

He became a model by accident.

"I studied fashion in a shabby book store."

He eventually began acting and now he earns over $10 million a year acting and modeling for 13 different clothing brands.

He's not the only k-drama actor to work his way up from humble beginnings. And sometimes being so poor gives you the drive to succeed even when other look down on you.

Rain was another celebrity that grew up poor. He was so poor as a child that his family did not have enough to eat. His mom was sick with diabetes and they didn't have enough money for medicine. At one point the family was even homeless. Because he was looked down upon by so many people, he worked hard, learning to sing and dance. He danced for hours every day so he could achieve his dreams. Unfortunately, his mom did not live long enough to see him realize them.

Singer and actor Seo In Guk was born into a poor family in Ulsan that collected recyclables. They did not always have enough to eat. At a very young age he dreamed of being a singer. He faced many rejections before becoming a Superstar K winner.

Singer-actress IU's family was so poor that her family could not care for both her and her brother. Her family's business went bankrupt forcing them to move from a large house to a smaller house to a single room. So, they sent her to live with her grandmother. Her grandmother did not have much money either. After she made milllions through her single "Good Day," she took good care of her family.

JYJ singer and actor Kim Jae Joong left home as a teen to pursue his dream. He could not ask his family for money, so he struggled working odd jobs. He was so poor at one point, he donated blood to raise money.

TVXQ singer and actor Yunho's family had money when he was young but after his father's business went bankrupt the family was briefly homeless. They slept in train stations covered by newspaper.

MBLAQ singer and actor Lee Joon's family was so poor they could not afford to send him on school trips or to buy him dance clothes. His poverty alienated him from his fellow students.

JYJ singer and actor Park Yoo Chun's parents divorced when they were living in the U.S. His mother struggled to support them and the family had to survive on instant ramen.

Fortunately, all of these stars succeeded not only in making a living but making a fortune.

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