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Gary Discusses Song Ji Hyo Yet Again

BY Julie Jones | Nov 03, 2015 11:02 AM EST


Gary Kang discussed his "Running Man" co-star Song Ji Hyo in a recent interview with the Chinese media. Interviews usually include a question about the singer's relationship with his co-star as so many viewers like to imagine they are also a real life couple. His comments probably did not discourage fans from imagining the co-stars as a couple outside of their TV appearance.

In the interview, which was quoted by the international streaming source, Gary attempted to satisfy media curiosity about their relationship.

"Song Ji Hyo is a good colleague. Some people think that our relationship is purely a business relationship. Some people say that we pretend to be a couple in order to earn money. I can understand that, but at the same time, some people like to see us flirt."

After so many years of working together he admits that they have become fond of each other and like to tease each other.

"We have appeared together on 'Running Man' for six years now, so it isn't awkward to tease each other. There is certainly an element of fiction in it for all of us, but not all of it is fake and we enjoy the process."

He said that their ongoing flirtation was part of trying to please the audience and that he is both happy and grateful to be on the show.

It has only been a few months since the last time that Gary discussed their relationship. That discussion took place on an August 3 episode of "Healing Camp."

At the time he said that their love line did not work.

"I doesn't work no matter how hard I try. It's been five years. Five. I could've had real feelings for her during that time, but I'm solely focused on work."

At the time he insisted that they had no relationship outside of work and that actually dating might create workplace problems.

"If we really do start dating and we happen to split, I feel like one of us has to leave the show so that's why I'm just focused on work."

On August 26 Gary and Song Ji Hyo were seen at Changsha Airport in China. They were on their way to participate in the Chinese variety show "Day Day Up."

Passers-by photographed them holding hands as they hurried through the airport. No camera were running at the time.

And yet they continue to insist they can only be friends because they work together. What might happen if they did not work together? Hard to tell.

The  Monday Couple continues to be one of the most liked on-screen duos. Whether it's all fake, all real or just a little exaggerated, viewers can't get enough of them.

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